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VOID - A Story About a Man — minimalist, experimental, electronic

Gašper Selko is a trumpeter and a composer of a younger generation. He graduated Academy of Music Ljubljana, in a class of Tibor Kerekeš, and as a student, Gašper started to grow intereste in various musical genres. He is a member of several bands, including Leni Kravac, ”MUSCAH”, Good Vibration, Yanu, Dirty Sanchez Band and Kamnik City Band, and collaborated with artists and groups such as Noctiferia, Borz, Shadow Universe, Igor Leonardi, Boris Cavazza, Urška Centa, Murat and Jose, Denis Beganovič, JaMirko, Damaris etc.

Gašper finds in music a type of reflection of himself – power of metal, perfection of classical music, freedom of jazz, and diversity of folk and ethnic music.

Under the name X.U.L, Gašper released his debut album called “VOID - A Story About a Man”, in November 2019, together with an audio-visual performance. He is combining contemporary classic with elements of minimalism and experimental electronic music, trying to explore new ways of interaction between music and listeners.

Please pass the Indie describes it as the movement of dazzling, delicate music is there and then gone in what seems like an instant. The artist’s inspiration for this masterful work of music rests in the calm imagery of sitting by a crackling fire, exposed to the elements. The artist is then faced with letters carrying a multitude of riddles and secrets long forgotten. This imagery is evident in the mysterious nature of “Pieces,” and ultimately serves as a brilliant anchor for the mental journey the listener embarks on while listening to this masterpiece.

As stated in Divide and Conquer Music on the title-track, ambient sounds filter through. Static-y cadences comes in. Industrial-like metal sounds escape through the electronic beats. Glitch-y soundscapes pave through from the beats and synths. Atmospheric cadences seep in. A bit of dissonance wavers through flipping through the recording. The sound then crescendos with effect. A tinkling music box tune arrives at the three-minute hold peppered in with edgy discord, adding a convoluted air to the overall music.

Selko states that the album “VOID – A Story about a Man” is based on the musical aspects of the modern classics, minimalism and experimental electronic music. It's a music diary of a human being. The question posing itself is how to experience music as a result of one human being, exactly the same as everyone else, built from one body and limitless sensations.

Gašper Selko is currently working on a new material, and will release a new album in 2021. You can follow him on Facebook, Soundcloud, YouTube, or his website.

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