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AKSA & Vilen - Visionaries Of The NastyGrooves Production

NastyGrooves Production was founded by AKSA and Vilen with the aim to promote domestic artists. After nine produced releases, they are ready to move on to different levels.

Check out in this interview about the plans that NastyGrooves has for their audience.

How did AKSA and Vilen start their business partnership? When did you meet, or made an arrangement on your music production ideas?

AKSA: How did it all start? Well, I'd like to know too (laugh). As far as I remember, during that time both of us were marking our first releases, and somehow, you could say we randomly got in touch. We started talking more often, sending each other new materials to listen to, and we worked on 2 releases where I did remixes for Vilen. One of those releases on Monofonik Records did really well; it got a lot of plays and ranked well on the top 100 charts. Soon after that, I started NastyGrooves Records, and considering everything mentioned and the potential I saw in Vilena, it seemed natural that Vilen would be the other half of the label.

Vilen: A friend once shared an AKSA track with me, and I was really impressed. It got me thinking about reaching out to a producer from my home country. That initial thought led me to connect with them and explore potential collaboration opportunities.



What's the biggest satisfaction in your work?

AKSA: For me personally, the greatest satisfaction in this business, if we're talking purely about music releases and production, is the moment I present my music to the audience. I think there's no better feeling than receiving positive feedback on your own production because behind it all are hours and hours of work, and such recognition for that effort surely brings immense satisfaction. Now that I'm also a label owner, I have the privilege to present and promote other artists' productions, and I feel equally happy when a track from another producer released on NastyGrooves receives positive feedback as if it were my own. As for DJing, the greatest reward is actually the gigs themselves. Being able to play music on massive sound systems for an audience is priceless, and I'm thrilled that I've had the opportunity to experience that joy in my life.

Vilen: My greatest satisfaction comes when I achieve a breakthrough in my skills and music writing after I've hit a creative wall and burned out from making music. After struggling for weeks to finish a track or come up with a new idea, I step away from it all for days or even weeks. Then, out of nowhere, inspiration strikes, and I create a track in one sitting, while also leveling up my production skills.

If NastyGrooves Production could collaborate with any historical Balkan figure, who would it be and why?

AKSA: Interesting question. Although there are many people who have left a significant mark and contributed to the development of electronic music in our region throughout history, and it would truly be an honor to work with them, we are more focused on new talents. We've noticed that there's an expectation in our region that someone will give you their place, that everything will be handed to you on a silver platter, but that's not how it works. Many great talents are lost waiting. One of the main ideas of our record label is to promote new talents in this scene. For example, on a recent compilation released by our label, we have several local producers making their debut releases. Who knows, maybe on NastyGrooves we'll discover a new Adi Lukovac, Marko Nastic, or similar talent.

Vilen: Marko Nastic

What's the craziest backstage moment you experienced?

AKSA: There were really many moments, but the first one that comes to mind is the first NastyGrooves party at Trezor club. Everything was great, we were hanging out and joking around, all hyped up for the first event until we realized that we actually didn't have any DJ equipment. There was a misunderstanding because the club thought we would bring our own equipment, while we thought the club would provide it. Luckily, the staff at Trezor resolved the issue by fetching their own equipment, and the party went ahead with a slight delay.

Vilen: I like to keep those memories for myself and people present at the time.

Have you been producing tracks lately, and with whom? Are you going international with your collaborations?

AKSA: As I mentioned earlier, we are actively engaged in production, and on behalf of both myself and Vilen, I can say that we have prioritized production over DJ-ing. Regarding international collaborations, we have already released music with global record labels and collaborated with international DJs and producers for both productions and performances at parties. Regarding NastyGrooves Records, we've had one international artist so far, and soon you can expect two EPs from producers who are not from our region. We won't disclose too many details at this time, but I can reveal that one of them is a renowned figure in the progressive sound scene worldwide. We recommend following us on social media to be the first to hear when the time comes.

Vilen: Lately, during my usual burnout phase, I haven't been able to produce good quality music. However, when I do succeed, the tracks turn out really well. I'm also excited to share that I've managed to secure a remix collaboration with two prominent international producers. While it's still in the early stages, I can't reveal their names just yet.

What are your plans for the future? Can we expect events any time soon?

AKSA: Our future plans include continuing our dedicated work and releasing music from both ourselves and artists we believe showcase quality. In terms of events, we'll be hosting the NastyGrooves Records Showcase at Club Trezor, promoting a recent compilation from our label. The event is scheduled for July 5th, and we encourage everyone in Sarajevo not to miss out. The lineup for the night includes DJs 2odd, Six Beats, and myself, AKSA. It's important to note that the party will emulate the renowned Boiler Room style, with the DJ booth placed in the center of the club. Additionally, stay tuned for details about our upcoming open-air party in collaboration with and NN nights, which we'll announce soon on our social media channels.

Vilen: In the future, I plan to shift my production style towards blending electronic and live music. I aim to incorporate more live playing instead of solely relying on Ableton.

Can you give us link so we can follow you online, or if someone wants to contact you?

AKSA: You can follow NastyGrooves on all social media platforms and music sales and streaming platforms, and you can find all the links at Also, if you are involved in music production and believe your music fits the concept of NastyGrooves Records, you can send your demo materials to


Photography source: Shared by the artists.

Author: Hana Tiro

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