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#SFF22 "Totally Sarajevo" - R'n'R As Sarajevo Knows It

Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2022, 80 min.

Director: Nenad Đurić

"Totally Sarajevo" is a music documentary about Sarajevo rock band Skroz. It shows the personal lives of the band's members, that includes beginnings and war experiences to the post-war tours and their successes. It examines friendships and crucial points which led to the formation of the band.

In the film, they are talking openly about their drug uses, and all the effects it made on them – as a part of the r'n'r subculture and it resulting in significant psychological and social problems.

Connection which the film made with audience is complete from the opening scene, and every frame, every speech from the band or the fans and everyone else who participated in the creation of Skroz, hooked the attention of the viewers. Director Nenad Đurić did an amazing job of connecting stories into a perfect flow of information showing their unity.

"Totally Sarajevo" shows some of the highlights of r'n'r scene, cultural development and artistic communication of war trauma which impacted one whole generation.


It's a generation whose youth was stolen in war, they wanted to keep living what weren't able to do it in a normal pace like the rest of the world. Skroz shows monstrosities of the war and how it made them bond even more.

As the Skroz members said, there is no other inspiration in the war but their hometown.

Other-worldly states when high on narcotics made many of them into junkies, and they openly talk in the film about every stage that they went through. They do not hide their addictions behind their arts, they talk about it in a blunt way.

The film talks in nostalgic tones, and from its beginning makes audience both laugh and cry, showing exactly what Sarajevo spirit is made of. As if the whole world should be like this, flowing in the r'n'r rivers of love and drugs and music and unity and Sarajevo, and "Totally Sarajevo" surely speaks about that.

No one has charm as you do, Sarajevo.


Author: Hana Tiro

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