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#SFF22 "Gentle" - How Does Gentle Look Like?

Hungary, Germany, 2022, 92 min. Director: Anna Eszter Nemes, László Csuja Cast: Eszter Csonka, György Turós, Csaba Krisztik, Éva Kerekes, János Papp, Gábor Ferenczi, Máté Vörös, Ferenc Gerlóczy, Viktória Szorcsik, Balázs Czukor


Edina is female bodybuilder who focused her entire life on her career, keeping her eyes on the prize. Adam, her partner and trainer is equally involved in Edina becoming a champion in every field of female bodybuilding. Lifestyle she needs to maintain is extreme and expensive, and she starts working as an escort which leads her to many different men and their odd desires.

As Edina does her escorting side gig, most of the experiences seem strange and even difficult to her, but one thing all of her men desire is to feel safe and taken care of. As it turns out, that’s exactly what Edina is looking for from men in her life, but has never gotten – starting from her neglecting father to the everyday pressure she feels at the gym.

Gentleness is one thing that Edina lacks and keeps searching for. Her job as an escort provides her to connect with her clients who complement her feeling of neglect.

On the other hand, Edina’s partner Adam is completely obsessed with Edina’s career and there he finds his fulfillment and peace. In a painful way, Adam find out that human health can be shattered a lot more easily than he thought. And steroids do not play a crucial role in keeping a person strong enough to endure pressure.


From the beginning of the film, we can see Edina doing hardcore workouts, proving her resilience and power, and looking pretty masculine. It seems as if her bones and skin have changed to one that is a lot more common for a male to have – skin where beard grows, rougher facial structure, etc. Although she looks like that, her eyes are flirting with soft energy.

This keeps Edina in the state of balancing her masculine and feminine energy, which seems possible for her only because her world is happening between her obsessive training routines and equally obsessive bodybuilding partner.

Gentleness comes from understanding both sides of human being, feminine and masculine, and only then a person can share their softer and more fragile side.

To watch this film is to see a person being slowly ruined inside and out, only due to unsatisfied emotional needs.

Author: Hana Tiro

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