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Hana Tiro - Words to Images

Educated for being a Writer, I always opted for words and quite rarely for visual elements as a symbolical communication with my environment. When it comes to it, I preferred photography and film, and that would mostly be it.

Today, it's a bit different.

Last couple of years artificial intelligence (AI) became a part of our lives much more than we might think. And when it comes to art, it made a huge impact and equally - a mess.

How can people create AI generated art, be a part of competitions, win awards, and establish themselves as the unique composers of visual arts, just like someone who has been working on their skills for years?

Well, I don't have an answer to this.

What I do have is an insatiable love for arts, and huge admiring for the tech world.

Thus, I am inspired to share with you some of my latest AI generated works. These works are created in an open source software. They are final products, experimental pieces, made from numerous tries of creating a visual art piece which communicates what I had in mind.

In them, you can see motives and pictures which I lived last couple of years. Most of them quite privately, far from any external inflictions. Be as it may, internal states and deep waters of emotions sometimes do need an audience.

This time, they are circled into an array of visuals which have one too many feeling and stories behind each one.

I would love to tell all of my stories, not only for the sake of sharing them, but for the sake of being a fully devoted messenger and communicator with all the Souls around me.

Blonde child sitting in the sunset, 2022

Thinking under a tree, 2022

Couple dancing in a big room with a dog, 2022

Blonde boy in the Moon, 2022

Church in the sunset, 2022

Couple, 2022

Blonde woman in a sunrise, 2022

Auto-portrait, 2022

Moon Taurus, Venus Scorpio, 2022

Old woman on balcony, 2022

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