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Daniel More — The Multidimensional Artist

Author: Hana Tiro

Daniel More is a musician, double bass player and improviser. He is Alumnus of the Bern University of the Arts and the Jerusalem Academy of Music. Currently active in different musical and artistic projects, among them the Noise and Silence Orchestra (NSO), “Just Listen” workshop, and making music for film "A Year the Land 4 Men"

Improvisation made for film

Daniel's experience in improvisation made him a part of the project "A Year the Land 4 Men". Film is directed and music composed by Boris Kovač, production by KacharaMMstudio, while More had an opportunity to add his touch of improvisation.

Four characters, through four seasons, paint a fresco of the transience of their everyday life. The film creates a space where poetics of directors and composers meet the life of the protagonist. The music opens the inner plan of the film, which combines documentary material and poetic images.

Community musician

Daniel leads a musical workshop called "Just Listen". The goal of the workshop is to create a space where people (whether they are novice, amateur or even professional musicians) can experience and explore music as a form of communication and self expression while enhancing their listening, improvisation and concentration skills. Through different exercises and methods from a variety of traditions and schools, workshop is trying to make the music a canvas of nonverbal communication, “in the moment” composition and build a sense of community.

"Just Listen" workshop led to the development of an amateur improvisation ensemble called "Noise and Silence Orchestra" (NSO), based in Novi Sad.

"Noise and Silence Orchestra" (NSO) serves as an improvisation musical playground where people come to enjoy music, and can try different ideas and concepts. It is a dynamic and mixed group of people that consists of professional musicians, amateur musicians, and complete novice musicians. It is an improvised community music. In order to achieve the sense of unity, warm up exercises relate to yoga, meditation and breathing practices, and one of the basic techniques which is "looping" is very much related to the idea of "mantra".

Meditation and music

Musical project which awaits premier is an album with Jasna Jovicevic that presents her process of dealing with corona crisis with improvisation through meditation. Name of the album is "Sounding Solitude", will be released on the label "Mascom Records". Musicians working on the album are Jasna Jovicevic (saxophones, bass clarinet, space drum, voice), Filip Krumes (violin), Ivana Grahovac (cello), Milan Nikolic (double bass), Daniel More (double bass & guimbri - small moroccan bass).

Jasna states that the isolation and the sudden changes on a global level made her explore the state of unknown, solitude without music making, interaction with one`s own fears instead of social comfort. This album reflects one of the most challenging periods we all went through alone and lonely.

„Sounding Solitude“ marks the inner journey into the new reality. Artistic research consisted of several segments; investigation of psychological studies that deals with methodologies for overcoming loss and grief, in our case sudden global lockdown and pandemics, study of yogic and Buddhist meditation techniques that help in overcoming a state of anxiety, depression, fear, and isolation, serving as the antidotes, and the sonified projection of the personal reaction to these new outcomes.

Rock'n'roll, much?

As if Daniel doesn't have enough plans in his hands, we are awaiting for his second album — in a rock'n'roll genre. Rock album "Gerecki", named same as the band, will be released in December, 2020. Members and creators of the album are Dimitrije Jakovljevic (guitar,voice, production), Nenad Patkovic (guitars), Ozren Lazic (drums) and Daniel More (electric bass). Album is made out of pure love, and musical-spiritual compatibility.

As a versatile freelance musician, Daniel More's experience really does range highly — from classical music, world music, to jazz and free improvisation.

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