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Alexia Koudigkeli — A Reflective, Uplifting and Spiritual Approach to Contemporary Painting

Author: Hana Tiro

Alexia Koudigkeli was born in 1996 in Athens. She graduated from the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation of Athens College in 2014 and then completed her studies in London at the University of the Arts London (UAL) in 2018. In 2021 she held her first solo exhibition at Agathi-Kartalos Art Gallery in the last 3 years she has showcased her work in Athens College as well as in various group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad. Her works are in private collections in Europe and America. The artist lives and works in Athens, constantly creating new pieces for upcoming projects and exhibitions.

Which emotions and thoughts come to surface when you paint?

My paintings serve a similar purpose to my dreams, as they both have a symbolic meaning attached to them. I paint how I feel. The overall theme of my artworks is expressionist figures. Sometimes I place them in urban scenes and some others I paint them individually. In my work I portray situations and settings with the intention of freezing time and representing my own complexion and deep emotional chaos beneath each composition. As a painter, you certainly experienced changes in your work. Would you define any particular phases?

Photography is often a starting point to my painting process, but only black and white pictures can influence my work. I find coloured photographs too distracting, as I like the colour palette of each piece to be intuitive and to reflect upon the moment depicted. Light is a key element in my work. The natural light, or the light that comes from within. I use acrylic paint overall, but when it comes to adding the light in the synthesis of each work, I always use golden, silver or copper spray paint in order to enrich the artwork. The golden strokes have become a characteristic element of my work, adding not only texture but also character to my paintings. The creative process not only deals, but also welcomes the changes that come with being an artist and having a fluid mind.

How would you describe your communication with the viewers, the audience?

My paintings aim to express, but also to awaken sentiments. The depiction of the figures, with a strong expressionist idiom, radiates a vibration that I hope can reach and move the viewers. A reflective, uplifting and spiritual approach to contemporary painting.

Tell us about your exhibitions, especially the latest ones.

My first solo exhibition was presented in October 2021 at Agathi - Kartalos in Athens, Greece. The exhibition presented a body of work of 55 paintings (acrylic on canvas), with the main theme of urban figures. The depiction of the figures, with a strong expressionist idiom, attempts a modern social commentary, sometimes expressing the loneliness of people and sometimes their companionship. The fluidity of the artist's emotions is evident throughout the canvas, from the texture of the figures and the urban space, to the characteristic golden touches in the composition of the work.

Currently, I am working on new pieces for upcoming projects and exhibitions.

Check out Alexia's website and Instagram account.

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