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Zlata Hodžić — I Wish for My Work to Be Various

Author: Hana Tiro

Zlata Hodžić is a photographer from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), who started her art journey more than a decade ago. She developed herself in fields of portrait photography and landscape photography. Zlata currently works and evolves her skills in Sarajevo, but quite frequently travels in search for new and rousing environment.

Self-portrait, Zlata Hodžić

Photography is an art you've been focused on for more than a decade. In which ways have you developed your skills, or styles?

I like to think that i'm constantly developing, I try different stiles, work with different people, I wish for my work to be various, and I always love to hear my models' ideas.

Is there a change in your attitude when you work with people vs when you sit down alone and edit photography?

Not too much, if I enjoyed the shoot I'll enjoy the editing too. Also, I like to focus on each photo separately.

How do you come up with the ideas for the photoshoots? There are many different ones in your portfolio.

Inspiration is something you can find everywhere. Sometimes I'm just scrolling Pinterest and see something I like, then try to recreate it in my own way, or I just see a place, item, vibe, I like, and come up with the photoshoot idea.

You are very active when it comes to travel and nature photography. Did you have certain projects or collaborations?

I love to travel, either somewhere in the nature or the city, but I'm not very much interest in all the influencer trend, so I do it for my own soul. Maybe in the future I'll have a travel blog - I'm saying that for five years already. (laughter)

You had two exhibitions in six months. Tell us something more about that.

The first one was focused on the young actors. Most of them were still students on Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo when we did the photoshoots, and I did it together with my friend, who was making all the posters for their plays. The exhibition was a part of Museum of Literature and Performing Arts project. For the second exhibition I picked few photos from almost all photoshoots I did until this summer, and it was a part of Art Kvart at Artiona gallery. I really enjoyed both of them and can't wait for the next one.

What are you planning for your next exhibition?

I don't like to talk to much about my projects until I have everything ready, but I can say that the next one will be different from last two, and probably all in black and white.

Creativity can be a mess when the world is on hold. How are you coping with COVID-19 pandemic?

The lockdown period wasn't so bad for me, I focused on still life photography more, and had free time to get back to painting. Also, I took a lot of self-portraits, but I'm glad that everything's going back to normal now.

Do you have any particular thoughts or advice you want to share with the readers of Balkan Art Scene?

The best advice I can give to other people, young artists, is to be 100% confident in yourselves and your work. There will be ups and downs, and one unsatisfying photoshoot doesn't mean you're bad. Sometimes you are not on the same levels with model and that's ok, but when you find people you love to work with, it will give you even more 'wings'. Do what you love.

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