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Vrpca — Music & Filmmaking — Old School Magic

Author: Hana Tiro

Photo - Boško Purić

Band Vrpca is from Podgorica, Montenegro, and they've been around since 2012 although but we in music for longer than that: Braco Subotic (vocals), Milos Pejovic (guitar), Stefan Pantovic (guitar), Danilo Pendo (bass), Zarija Pavićević (drums), Ivan Ivanović (drums). Now there are only three active members, but soon, the things will change.

"There are always certain obstacles, such as new tasks facing us, almost like a test of endurance and sobriety. Album will be released for the "Stivi Music" label. The festivals for this year have bypassed us a bit but there will be a couple more during the summer, so let's hope it works out and maybe we'll visit some.", the band states.

"Seems that this is what we've been looking for, given to us, on this planet, the beautiful Earth. Since our environment was not very rich in r'n'r, the road was long and thorny. Anyway, we’ve been through a good portion of it and are constantly pacing. To the last breath. Pandemics added to our weight the imposed or forced heaviness, with which conscious people have to cope. We recorded an album of 9 songs. It's titled 'Oko Sfere'. The question of the day is when it will come out, the alternative has never become Hollywood."

Last year the band Vrpca finalized their documentary 'Vrpca at Stevie' and screened it at two short-form festivals - 'Underhill' and 'Rokumentarni Dani'. It describes the creative process of the band in the studio, the approach to the matter itself. It will follow the whole, the debut album.

Since they don't have an agent or a manager, they do everything DIY, mainly because they love what they do. Then even the hardest days will not be hard enough. Because everyone wants success or a recognition. And that is quite human. A finish, an end. Finality.


Have you defined your genres, what is the creative process behind that?

The tape, in principle, plays Alt-Rock. It is essentially a fusion of several directions and it is an

explosive form, in the end. The admixture of crossover and dream pop make that compact dreamy singing, on the verge of a recital, becomes thunderous in moments, letting out a scream

(" scream does it all ..") The guitar floats endlessly and conquers over a solid rhythm section.

The inspiration is inexhaustible so we create songs together. Everyone has that key, that screw.

We sing about freedom and the fight against injustice, every kind of nonsense. Celebrating life.

You were active during the pandemic, have you had moments of suspicion and doubt?

The pandemic has taken out of us everything that is possible for some specific reason

in an instant found silence. As if waiting for a call from the vis major. Well, that's exactly what happened. We rode the issue and being careful and reasonable went for mantras and to the source of creativity, which is in the community. Like family. We worked diligently all year and saved the material. Made a movie. We didn't suspect a crumb.

How do you react to the possibility of online concert, or general digitalization?

We are not carried away by that form, in short. Live contact, symbiosis, is necessary.

Humans, priceless creatures in a hatch with a performer. Online gigs are tempting at first

but that feeling is very quickly replaced by an insatiable desire for contact and the inevitable exchanging of energy. We keep our fingers crossed, vernacularly said, that things will become normal again.

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