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The World Theater Festival continues with the guest performance of the Belgian play "Family"

As part of the World Theater Festival, on Saturday, October 31, the shocking and emotional Belgian play Family, directed by the Swiss theater and film director Milo Rau and produced by the NTGent Theater, is coming to Zagreb.

Family, directed by Milo Rau is an experiment, an ethnological study of today's private life and an exhibition of everyday life. It is based on an actual event from 2007 when, in the French city of Calais, an entire family hanged itself: parents and their two children. The motive was never revealed, and the farewell message read: We messed up, we are sorry.

In the play, we follow the everyday life of a family that eats, takes a shower, learns English, watches a video. We watch them talking to each other about common things, making phone calls, listening to music, cleaning the apartment, remembering certain moments in life. And in that exposition of normality, an important question will be asked: Why are we here? Why am I here? And wouldn't it be better if the whole world disappeared?

Fiction and reality will mix, just as it is in the life of every family, even this one on stage.


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