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Tanja Ostojic: The transformative power of feminist emancipatory art

Tanja Ostojic, an artist known for her feminist emancipatory artistic practice, talks in an interview with the about the perennial art project “Mis(s)placed Women?”, the importance of art collaboration, and the significance of public speaking about sexual and other violence against women, and further, about the transformative potential of art in the role of changing the balance of power. Tanja Ostojic also reflects on the consequences of the pandemic on the work of artists, as well as on the cultural policy measures in Berlin, where she lives and works, and in Serbia, where she is often present through various exhibition and professional activities.

Mis(s)placed Women?, Belgrade, performance, photo: SEEcult

Dedicated to topics such as migrations, gender democracy, feminism, gentrification, power relations and vulnerability, especially in the context of women's and transgender bodies, Tanja Ostojic believes that issues of freedom of movement and vulnerability of certain social groups are further perplexed by the pandemics and various new restrictions that it demands. “For example, domestic violence is on the rise, especially in a situation where both partners work from home. I noticed a considerable increase in the number of homeless women of all generations sitting on the street (or walking around), waiting to have dinner and spend the night in women's centers”, Tanja Ostojic said, citing that the women in Berlin who are homeless and have not yet been able to get vaccinated have no right to enter anywhere during the day to keep warm, as an example of the perplexity of the current situation.



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