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Sovran Nrecaj - Curios to Get to Hear More of Shuttered Voices, Left Behind Closed Doors

When and how did urge for filmmaking start? I remember myself with a photo camera since I became conscious. So, it all started from there. Later when I was around 15 years old, I got my first kind of “professional” photo camera and I mainly shot and shoot portraits up to date but always having in mind the utilizing of some sort of concepts I had on the back of my head. Sooner rather than later, those concepts needed a broader sphere to lay them self in, that’s when I firstly thought of film. I didn’t know much about it at that time and I wasn’t any kind of cinephile, but it came out as a need to express myself. Then came this day when I found myself writing concepts not for photography but something bigger, something moving, it was film – the most complex art form. I’m sticking to film but I have to state that I see myself as a very fluid being, so don’t be surprised if you see me painting or dancing the other day.

Tell us about your latest film ”Sea by the river and river by the sea”, why is this story important? “Sea by the river and river by the sea” is my latest film, it’s very personal film, it is a retrospective of my curiosity towards a transitional society such as Kosovos. I see my film as an objection to a society which only glorifies “big arms” heroes as if we were living in a Marvel film, while in Sea by the river the “hero” is a mother. I was always curios to get to hear more of those shuttered voices, which are left behind closed doors and never put on spotlight. So to speak, it is a personal because I grow up in such a setting of life, Lume (main character in film) could be my mother, such as Mal (son in film) could be my brother or my friend.

You had several collaborations within the field of photography. Any interwining motifs with films you’re creating? For me photography is what first comes to mind, then later it starts moving and becomes a film. So yes, most of the photo work I do (especially portraits), are a starting point or a reference for my later work into films. In the end it all comes to emotions, so for me is important to save them and try to combine them in between, in order to achieve some other emotion and vice versa.

Tell us about your plans in cinema industry. I am happy to be soon finishing the production phase of my documentary named “Green deserts”. I think it will be ready to be streaming on fall 2022, that’s it for the first half of the year. Also, another thing I’m working is writing my first feature. I am soon to finish first draft of script. It is called “By the river, beyond the sea”… and some other audiovisual projects I can’t mention at the moment.

Follow Sovran's work on his Instagram account. Author: Hana Tiro

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