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Short Film "Memories" — Balkan Meets West Africa

Many people from the Balkans experienced and continue to experience migration. Many artists from Balkans think the picture about this experience hasn't been painted proportionally to reseble the triumphs and resilience that is imperative for such a monstrous undertaking. The story in this film about migrants from West Africa is influeced by various artists' voices and two of these voices are from the Balkans: Dragana Bogavac and Mirela Kulovic. By joining forces, this group of global artists who are core team of Paradoxx Films and we want to show a universal narrative about migration, life and loss while elevating and celebrating the strong, almost superhero-like undertaking of good ordinary people.

Crowdfunding Campaign


Bruno and Jazmine are about to have a baby. In order to build a loving home for his new family, Bruno has to face his memories of how he got to where he is and who is to be celebrated for that.

Director's Statement

This is my fifth film and especially important because it combines everything I learned about film thus far. It will display how I have grown as a storyteller. This film tells a personal story and my intention is to offer an invitation to recognize the global migrant community as some of the most powerful individuals I have come to know in my life.

I am also hoping that this is my last short film and that this experience and my community will launch me towards my first full feature next year.



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