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Seasplash Fest — Sassja instead of Reggae Roast

Due to the complicated procedure caused by the restrictions around the Covid19 pandemic, the announced British guests Reggae Roast ft. Natty Campbell has shifted their guest appearance for the jubilee 20th Seasplash Festival 2022. Instead, FM JAM MC champion Sassja will perform on MainSplash on Friday, July 16th.

This year’s Seasplash Festival will be held under the circumstances caused by the consequences of the covid-19 virus pandemic in Šibenik from 15-18. July 2021 and the working title Corona Edition pt. 2.

Tuzla’s MC champion Sassja is coming to the 19th Seasplash Festival. Sassja’s authorial materials have been achieving success for years, and throughout the region she has been recognized with the launch of the albums ‘Taktički Praktično’ (2015) and ‘No Problemo’ (2017). Over the years, numerous collaborations have brought Sassja to the very top of all charts in the region, and with the song ‘Ljubi Seka’, which was created in collaboration with RootsInSession and Marcus G (Brain Holidays), she was supported by a video on the strongest reggae portal in the world.

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