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Pravo Ljudski Film Festival Reveals the Visual Identity of Its 16th Edition

We are excited to share the visual identity of the 16th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival!

The visual identity of this 16th edition marks the tenth year of the collaboration between Pravo Ljudski and the graphic designer Amir Berbić whose remarkable work has been boldly communicating the sensibility and particularity of the festival.

The collaboration with Amir marked the beginning of a different way of communicating the festival back in 2011: design is all about communication, so his work had an impact on both the process of introducing the festival to the audiences, as well as internally. His work made clear our curatorial decisions even to us inside of the team, as often we as programmers lack the skills to distance ourselves from our own programme so as to be able to express our own programming complexities.

Amir’s visual language is direct, bold and open while embracing the vulnerability and gentleness of the humane in Pravo Ljudski. The motifs of the posters for this edition, as for all other editions in the past 10 years of our collaborative work are a visual representation of the programmatic approach of the festival. Some of the notions that underline the different programme sections, and thus the identity, are: nonlinearity, pluralities, intensities, reflexivity, fragmentation, new subjectivities, heterogeneity, multimodality, fragility, multiplicity, “states Kumjana Novakova, the Festival director and one of the curators.

The 16th edition of the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will take place in a hybrid format, from 1 to 6 December (Meeting Point Cinema and Film Center Sarajevo), followed by the online availability of the films from 7 to 17 December through

The 16th edition of the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival has been generously supported by the National Endowment for Democracy (Washington), and many other partners, while the Special Programme More than Anything Else I Wanted to Stay Awhile is made possible with the support of the Embassy of Brazil in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For all information about the availability of films, and all other festival activities, please follow our website, social networks, and the hashtags #plj16 and #pravoljudski16.


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