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Nijaz Gojak for The Hero’s Journey

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What is my greatest achievement in work? The biggest achievment in my work is publishing of my work Mona Lisa in the books for high schools in Brazil named Disciplina: Literatura by author Fernando Marcillo Couto. Where would I most like to live? I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I think my life is interwoven with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Sarajevo and I wouldn’t feel nowhere else like in my town and my Bosnia. What is my most treasured possession? The most valuable thing that I own is the painting The last supper that I painted in technique which relies on neoplasticism and art form of Piet Mondrian.

Photo credit: Amar Kustura

What role play stories in my life and work? The role in my story and the artistic work of life in this world is that there is no surrender. One must never give up and one must always fight. Sometime help will appear in the form of relieving the suffering and pain that man brings with him.

Source: The Hero Journey

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