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Nejra Turčinović — Artist Masked as Civil Engineer

Author: Hana Tiro

Photo by Svarog Media

Nejra Turčinović is an engineer and artist born in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina). As stated on her website, she is Master of Civil Engineering who thinks in code, plays in design and is in love with illustration. Simple formula of her skills is XYZ, X - design, Y - illustration, Z - web development. Aside from creativity, engineering, drawing, writing, and reading, Nejra has strong opinion and will to fight for environmental and ecological well-being.

Busy racoon illustration

Nejra Turčinović says that she finds her inspiration in everyday life. She still thinks of herself as being a child, collecting toys, figures, reading books and comic books, watching animated movies etc.

"I find my inspiration in children because they are the best dreamers and imagination creators. As I said before, I am still a child. I love to dream, imagine and create. You must think like a child when you draw for them."

Cranky bat illustration

Nejra has her online bookmarks shop called Tefterić. Mission of Tefterić is to protect, prevent, cover up, decorate, show and prove that books look better with TEFTER bookmarks.

Limited Edition Tefter

“A TEFTER is actually more than just a bookmark. It’s something you use to mark the place when reading a book – but it’s also an educational illustration reminding us of amazing human beings who have contributed their knowledge, science and art of our planet and beyond. And we must always teach others about them because they remain everlasting inspirations to humankind. This is a collection of 24 illustrations of such personalities!” says the author.

"I am a type of a person who always has everything planned and all in place. Organisation makes working process much easier. Sometimes people ask me if I regret for choosing my profession. Well, no, I am a master of civil engineer but creative one at the same time. I work at a college as teaching assistant, and do everything I love - science, gadgets, technology and outreaching activities to promote healthy environment. I always learn new things, meet new people and do great projects. I don’t like system in which you always do just one thing, and things that someone instructs. I love my freedom and having continuous professional and creative development opportunities." Nejra states.

Follow Nejra's artwork at Behance, Dribbble, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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