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More than Anything Else I Wanted to Stay Awhile

The special program of the 16th Pravo Ljudski Film Festival with a focus on contemporary Brazilian film has been announced

Neon Phantom, Leonardo Martinelli

Brazil, 2021, 20'

More than Anything Else I Wanted to Stay Awhile is one of the special programs of the 16th edition of the festival. The program focuses on contemporary Brazilian cinema. In general, for several years now, and especially within the previous two editions, Pravo Ljudski has been trying to bring more films from countries underrepresented in the festival landscape of Europe, which have so much to offer to all of us. Brazil is undoubtedly one of these spaces: contemporary Brazilian cinema, especially after the crisis of the early 1990s, when almost no film was produced in the country, is a cinema of urgency and a cinema of resistance, but also a cinema of diversity: it brings new landscapes and new themes to Brazil and elsewhere. For our space, this program can be as inspiring and poetic as it is political - and Human Rights is right at that crossroads of thought.

Therefore, we are very excited about the opportunity to present the works of filmmakers such as Paula Gaitán, a Colombian-Brazilian filmmaker, who is a visual artist, photographer, poet, who has been involved in film since 1978 when she participated as artistic director in the film. The Age of the Earth by Glauber Roch. In addition to Gaitán, the program includes names such as Fernando Pessoa, whose short film focuses on the pandemic in collaboration with Adrian Barbosa, João Moreira Salles whose films have already been screened in earlier editions of the Human Rights Festival, and Leonardo Martinelli whose latest music documentary is one from the winner of the Locarno Film Festival, who will join us in Sarajevo.

Light in the Tropics, Paula Gaitán (Brazil, 2020, 255')

Complete program below:

1. Babilônia 2000, Eduardo Coutinho

Brazil, 2000, 80'

2. Dark Chamber, Marcelo Pedroso

Brazil, 2013, 25'

3. Edna, Eryk Rocha

Brazil, 2021, 63'

4. Light in the Tropics, Paula Gaitán

Brazil, 2020, 255'

5. Neon Phantom, Leonardo Martinelli

Brazil, 2021, 20'

6. Running Waters, Diego Zon

Brazil, 2016, 23'

7. Same/Different/Both/Neither, Adriana Barbosa and Fernanda Pessoa

Brazil/USA, 2020, 19'

8. Santiago, Joăo Moreira Salles

Brazil, 2007, 80'

9. Uaka, Paula Gaitán

Brazil, 1988, 77'

The 16th edition of the Pravo Ljudski Film Festival will be held in a hybrid format, from 1st to 6th December in Sarajevo, and then from 7th to 17th December online, on our web platform Join us!

For all information about the availability of films, as well as other festival activities, follow our website, social networks and hashtags #plj16 and #pravoljudski16

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