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MONOMER: Future prospects about old habits

MONOMER: Future prospects about old habits

a choreographic investigation project, which radiographs through an immersive dance-performance the lockdown period and its effects on the performers' bodies

The project takes place between February and July 2021 and proposes an interdisciplinary approach, targeting different artistic perspectives, which intersect on the choreographic line, in order to encourage the artists involved to practice their multidisciplinarity. The core of the project is the process of decomposition of body movement similar to the process of polymerization of plastic, which will lead to a new type of product - an immersive choreographic show- to complete an area of ​​artistic expression not fully explored, of art performance.

SAFE HOUSE Short Dance Film

The project begins with the release of a dance film, SAFE HOUSE, inspired by the reality that the pandemic imposed a year ago in the lives and artistic practices of its team members. Inspired by distance and motivated by closeness, the film represents a stage in which the bodies and emotions of the performers become stronger sources of inspiration than the characters they are used to play on stage. SAFE HOUSE aims to celebrate the processes by which the body and the music manages to unite a distant generation.

Breathing exercises inspired by plastic consumption

Inspired by the higher consumption of plastic objects during the lockdown the MONOMER: Future Prospects about Old Habits team created a series of digital breathing exercises. The exercises were made because of the suffocating feeling that the team experienced both due to the increase in domestic plastic consumption and the one we find outside the house. The aim of these tools are to increase the quality of breathing, to calm the anxious states often caused by panic attacks and to help people to connect the body with the mind.

In "MONOMER: Future prospects about old habits'' there are a series of artistic and cultural products, the most important being the immersive contemporary dance performance that will take place online starting with May at: Bucharest National Dance Center, Studio M - Sfântu Gheorghe, University of Arts in Târgu Mureș, D'art pour tout le monde - Bucharest.

The message of the project will be delivered in an artistic keynote through different environments (acting/ performance, contemporary dance, photography, sound-design, visual art, anthropology, graphic design, 3D animation, programming). Thus, the project's team aims to introduce a new choreographic formula. The project will take place both online and offline, through: artistic research, immersive event, VR, augmenting a photo exhibition and designing an innovative sound-design, made also with the help of plastic noise in the homes of the artists involved.

The artistic multidisciplinarity on the choreographic line helps us to develop an innovative methodology in the field of contemporary dance because the project involves a series of workshops, digital rehearsals and artist talks that will focus on technology, mental health, plastic, creativity and movement. Starting from the desire to offer an alternative education to young artists from different backgrounds and aiming to support and develop the choreographic sector in Romania, "MONOMER: Future prospects about old habits", aims to be a source of courage and inspiration.

The project’s team: Oana Arsenoi (art director/producer), Alina Tofan (artistic reseach/ performer), Tudor-Răzvan Morar (performer/ sound designer/music producer), Vlad Benescu (performer), Alexandru-Claudiu Maxim (new media artist/VFX), Vlad Grigore (graphic designer, 3D designer/VFX), Georgiana Vlahbei (photographer), Ioana Buraga (digital communication/graphic designer), Filip Longfellow (costumes/tech crew), Paul Ruben Grec (MACAIA Association).

The mission of the MACAIA Association is to make a positive contribution in the community, by initiating and carrying out projects and programs with social and cultural impact, both at local and European level.



Breathing exercises

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