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MEMBRAIN FESTIVAL 2021 is an underground, bass culture festival that embraces community spirit, celebrating the union of all crews and the diversity of its people and dance music. Occurring from August 5th-8th, this year marks the 6th edition of the global gathering held once again in Martinska - Šibenik, Croatia.

The unique location is situated across the bay from the historic town of Šibenik, in the heart of the Dalmatian coast. The festival grounds can be accessed by car but astute attendees choose to arrive by ferry or private taxi boats which is highly recommended. Free camping is offered on-site to those with full festival tickets.

Surrounded by the sea and natural terrain, it is the ideal setting for 3 stages hosting over 50 DJ’s and MC’s from around the world. Renowned artists and emerging talent from Drum & Bass, Jungle, Dubstep and other bass music genres are gathered here every year, along with established crews from within the scene. Membrain are also extremely proud to promote local talent, to provide a platform for international exposure and spreading the sound from the Balkan region.

This year’s headliners are Amoss, Artilect, Coco Bryce, Eusebeia, Fearful, GEST, OneMind, Presha, RDG, Torana, Torn, The Untouchables, VRH and Youngsta. Past luminaries that have performed at previous Membrain Festivals include Loxy, Pessimist, Hydro, DLR, Clarity and Leon Switch.

Membrain Festival provides affordable provisions for all ravers, with food and drinks kept at local prices. Home cooked meals by Mom’s Kitchen has become a yearly feature and will return this year along with local craft beer and food stalls. Additional activities include Yoga by the sea, Oneness Solutions sessions, Augmented Reality ARt Expo and Wine tasting tours.

The festival adheres to all COVID safety regulations and limited capacity, ensuring all patrons can enjoy the moment together without concerns.

People attending the festival can expect the best of local hospitality, chilled atmosphere and the vibrance of fresh bass music; all staged in a picturesque and beautiful setting that welcomes all ravers and creates memorable experiences. Come and join us once again with the Membrain family for the 2021 Membrain Festival.

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