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Juljana Mehmeti — Albanian Spirit in Italy

Author: Hana Tiro

Juljana Mehmeti was born in the city of Durres, in Albania.

Since she was a child she became fond about literature and writing, especially poetry, a genre

that in the following years will turn into a real life motive, a way to better express her ideas,

her thoughts, her visions and metaphysics , her point of view according to her consciousness

but also improving the awareness of the same suggestion that surrounds the human world.

"The most difficult part of writing is those moments that after the

discharge of adrenaline must take the right shape, but also conclude the meaning of

everything that is written in the highest aesthetic form. The final emotional but also exciting

conclusion with the word in this case, which first faces itself, after reaching the creative

awareness, that this poem can already be presented to the wider circle and the reader, is the

anxiety of how it will be expected, but also the spirit. how critics will judge it afterwards.", Mehmeti says.

The first book “Soft – Poems” published in Italian language attracted the attention of publishers

and Italian literary criticism, not only for its particular style, but also for new words, the

language used, the philosophical message and the currents present in her poems that go from

Hermetism to Surrealism. The second book comes from the field of translation entitled

“Vramendje” – (Rimugino “) of the Italian author Alessandro Ferrucci Marcucci Pinoli, which

will constitute the first experience in this field, but will also strengthen his long-standing

conviction, to know and translate in his language, many popular Italian authors.. The

collection of poems “Oltrepassare” is her new book, which presents itself with the new

tendencies of Albanian literature, postmodernism and universal consciousness, from

experimental currents to absurdity.

In an interview with Anca Mihaela Bruma, Mehmeti states

"In my opinion a writing would be called good if the basic structure of

the construction, the conveyed message and the metaphorical construction would create that

harmony, which would immerse the reader to understand the idea and under the idea of all the

conveyed art. If we would talk about a normal prose whose fable must have been intriguing,

full of mysticism and one-soul pursuit of each chapter, to understand or enter into discussion

with the conclusion or solution the author gives to the written work. In poetry it is something

else, as poetry is elitist and the selection of words, the figuration, but also the construction of

the whole poetry should be not only an emotional thrill but also a long taste of the words that

remain in the mind and sounds to the eloquence of a music, that whispers continously and fills

you with intoxicating breath."

She published in English language “In his light” (Demer Press, 2019) and in Italian language "Namasté” (Libri di – Versi in Diversi Libri- 2020).

She currently lives and works in Ancona, Italy.


I am,

a part of the endless universe

a particle thrown to refracted parallels ,

of that world dressed with the color of light

and drowned back again to the dark memory,

with the meaning of the existence in the margins of life

the consciences coming from the unexpressed words,

from the inner part

of that vision which dresses me in blue,


of the creator who merged body and soul

with blessings from angels

towards the tracks of blood and the cross pain.

The flight ascending to its own ashes

in the forgotten bodies of gone legends

consecrated during the time of enormous agitation,

of the north sea

searching for eyes which dress the verdure

new spaces

of the end boundaries

wandering beyond the world

collapsing and uprising

with different steps

to the revived eternity.

New tops touch the heights

heart and mind

bended to the temple,

which constructs invisible bridges

the view towards the Almighty

and hands folded in praying

words which goes with the wind

and return back with seasons,

a fragment of continuity

born from the spirit of the sky;


Sans souci…

The reddish skies of the troubled soul are burning without any borderline,

same like the sun gone to the west

beyond the horizons swaying along with sunsets

of the grey mist

descending deep into the eye of the sea

through bands collecting the last gleam

of the sound of the wave

extended thirstily to the white bank

of the flickering of seagulls

the sonnet of an evening

arched to the refracted strings of the Moon.

Desires are murmuring under the tree leaves

the smooth breeze

beyond the imagination of the sight

gathered to the lands where dreams fly with sensation

and regenerated births commence again the migration

towards the past homes

with the new love

with the intention to touch the same sky

and gathering shoulders to the cloudless stars.

A moment of loosing awareness

this mixture of the earth and the sky

body and the spirit

a cigarette smoke which is altered with the breath

fondled under the bundles of hair touching the face

caressed from the dusk murmur.

Unexplored areas

Fallen chasms to the ravines of soul

scary up to the darkness,

Swirl dimming the past nightmare

strangled furiously, like in wasteland.

Cold Ices surround the ocean

and poles freezing in coldness

reflection of the image of mute shadows

of the long-ago ego

shivering to the being of infancy.

Invisible hands are extended in the fog

equilibriums of universe superpose

refracted reflexes of a light which is invisible

to the darkened eclipses of the sun.

The drowsy retina of life

awakened from slamming of dusty wings

of the lone triumph phoenix

reborn in new ribbons of life

in the unexplored areas of the sky.

Translated by Arben Hoti


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