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Hanna Dujmović — Creating Warm and Bright Ambience with Dynamic Patterns

Author: Hana Tiro

Hanna Dujmović is a sculptor based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated High School of Applied Arts, and in 2017 got a degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Department of Sculpture as the Silver Badge of the Generation.

Due to the lack of adequate space for a sculpture studio, she decided to present her art in the form of unique paintings on canvas. Since she nurtures a love for all artistic disciplines, it was not a problem for her to adapt to the space in which she works and creates.

The paintings are recognizable by the bright and strong colors used by the artist, as well as many details that enrich the composition.

In 2020, she began her first painting cycles. Her work is currently presented on four world platforms dealing with the promotion and sale of works of art, as well as in many private collections of collectors from various parts of the world.

The artist finds inspiration for her works in an inexhaustible source of her imagination. In most of the paintings, the female character represents a self-portrait of the artist in a period of isolation.

Characters are presented inside the closed space, a warm and playful ambience, decorated with wavy and dynamic patterns that give the composition an interesting story. The observer is drawn into a completely different dimension of life which is an indication that even in the difficult times we live through art and can experience journey to beautiful places.

Her work has been presented at nine collective exhibitions, three of which were particularly significant — London, San Francisco, Naples.

In 2017, she held the first solo exhibition of sculptural works in the gallery space of Raiffeisen Bank in Sarajevo, the works presented at the exhibition were nominated for the "Alija Kučukalić" award.

In 2019, in Sarajevo, he and his colleague Merima Pirija founded an edu-creative art studio called "EdusKreativus". Through the creative program of the studio, he works on the education of school children and children with disabilities, organizes art-therapy workshops for adults, and participates in the implementation of numerous projects related to the promotion of art in BiH. One of those projects was "Outdoor Atelier" - which took place as part of the Equestrian Cultural Summer 2019.

She lives and works in Sarajevo.


Daydreaming (40x40cm) acrylic on canvas. The painting was created during quarantine in April 2020. Inspiration was found in solving the painting composition of the interior space in the works of one of the best painters of all time, Heri Matissa.

"A female character dreaming at the table in the foreground is my self-portrait. In the second and third plan of the picture there is a room that is placed in the perspective of depth, and an open window that gives meaning to the whole composition, a sea view that expresses my desire to calm down, like the feeling when I'm at the coast, when I sink into the calm sound and smell of the sea. The colors I used make one contrast, the opposite, the reality we lived in, the grayness, the negativity. I wanted to draw attention with one bold choice of vibrating colors. This painting is now part of the collection of a collector from Great Britain."


Monja (80x80). Another composition in a series in which a female character is presented indoors.

"In my opinion, the realization is especially keen because it belongs to the phase of the cycle within which I used the royal blue shade, which I consider to have given the works a special depth and aesthetic value. This image, when viewed live, creates an optical illusion in the part where there are widespread red floral motifs on the royal blue shade (lower part of the composition). Watching that part live creates the effect of moving details, which is a really interesting experience for observers. This painting is currently in the private collection of collectors from America"

Vintage family

Vintage Family (100x60). From the royal blue phase, Hanna indulges in the red tone phase. This realization is perhaps the crown of all her works so far when it comes to details.

"I wanted to present a composition that this time will include several characters (woman, man, dog, cat), but I also included in the composition many intense details that attract attention. I used gold and bronze pigments, which give the image a special visual effect of screening, and enrich it. Mild but allowed kitsch in the art of painting. The painting is currently in the collection of a collector from America."

Hommage to Matisse – Wind of the Orient

Hommage to Matisse - Wind of the Orient (120x80). As inspiration for this painting, Hanna Dujmović took a lesser known work by Matisse depicting the family.

"My remake of his work contains the making of characters in my own way, and the details of the Bosnian rug with which I wanted to emphasize the area I come from. The motif of the Bosnian carpet gave the composition geometrized details that fit perfectly with the organic and playful details, such a contrast created an interesting work that is effective. I also use gilding in this piece."


Judith (120x80). The first exclusively made portrait composition, as an order by a collector from Lisbon. The goal was to do a remake of Gustav Klimt’s work, but with Hanna's own artistic note.

"In my opinion, one of my favorite realizations so far. The portrait looks really grandiose because of the format in which it was made, but also because of the golden details and because of the transparent blue drapery that falls down the body. The red background and green details of the leaves gave an ideal contrast to the portrait that is in the foreground."

Inside the Gypsy Caravan

Inside the Gypsy Caravan (150x100). The inspiration came from an everyday situation.

"Considering that I live in a settlement where many modern Roma live, I came up with the idea to realize the theme of the old Roma people on canvas. From the memory of the scenes of the film whose name I do not remember, I came up with the idea of ​​a Roma caravan, so that this composition would not differ from the previous ones, and I place these characters in a closed environment. One of the few realizations where we see a female and a male character together. I wanted to experiment with colors and details, in order to approximate the colorful gypsy world. The male character is presented with a guitar while singing, I think that music is something that is closely connected to the Roma people. I enriched the female figure with attributes and played with the creation of the mantle and the contour of the anatomy in the area of ​​the legs, which seems naive, but also provocative from the aesthetical point of view. This is also a painting in which I used various techniques from contour embossed paints to acrylic paints. What is interesting is that this composition, even in the dark, has a visible golden texture which is gorgeous."

Self-portrait or Frida Kahlo

Self-portrait or Frida Kahlo. This smaller-sized canvas is the last work Hannah realized for this year. She presented her portrait through the character of Frida Kahlo. With this, she wanted to glorify and celebrate all women artists, and draw attention to the importance of women in art.

"There is a lot of data on how much less works of art created by women artists are sold, than by men. My wish is that in the near future the percentages will climb to at least approximate… Certainly one of the artists, feminists, who contributed to the visibility of women in art is Frida. A lot of people say that my character is associated with her, and some associate my works with Frida. With this work, I opened a new cycle within which I will create more portrait images."

Follow Hanna Dujmović's work on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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