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The pandemic has not only reaffirmed our ephemeral condition, teaching us to live in the moment, but it has also underlined the importance of thinking outside the box.

Our perception of the world has changed. We lost our self identity. Our health and liberty depends on a mask that we are forced to wear.

In times of crisis, people are searching to mirror their experiences through another medium, especially art, which is visually striking and moves to the heart.

The soundtrack of the video was composed by using domestic sounds, those that we met frequently during the pandemic (eg. phone message, dishes, toilet, steps, tv). The private space is meeting the public/social space with the sound of the pandemic news, the anthem of Romania and the voices of the authorities.

The video is part from an installation that took part during PANDEMIC SOLOS, a theater performance project realised by Apropo Theater, Bucharest, Romania. The project was co-funded by National Cultural Fund Administration.

Concept by Ioana Buraga and Alina Tofan

Sound design by Ioana Buraga

Video Artist – Ioana Buraga

Performer – Alina Tofan


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