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David Aparu - Creativity Is Stimulated By Goals

EscapeArt is a magazine which lets artists promote their work. Magazine is focused on digital age, connecting stories which tackle notions such as digital exhibitions, NFT, and similar. Founder of the magazine, David Aparu, told us about ideas behind EscapeArt Magazine, where it could lead, and his own views on arts in 21st century.

Personal question - abruptly! Roots which connect you to Balkan region are coming from Romania, and currently you're residing in the United Kingdom. When did this geographical transfer happen? I’m actually currently residing in Eppelheim, Germany! I moved out of the UK a few months ago due to my main job (not EscapeArt) allowing me to work remotely. I plan to keep moving and create connections around the world as long as I have energy and courage. The geographical change from my Romanian roots happened when I left to study film at university. I miss some parts of my home country and I’m glad I managed to get away from others – I think many people who leave their home country will find themselves in this emotional limbo. I still go and visit relatively often due to family and incredible childhood memories. Most of my dreams happen in the Romanian mountains.

Do you still feel connected to Romanian traditions? Cultures often suck people in without hesitation, so it might be harder to keep the connection to our roots. You are totally right, I completely got sucked by the “global” culture; the multiculturalism of the internet and digital age. Of course, there are incredibly beautiful traditions in the rustic part of Romania which I often like to come back to and admire. On the other hand, I don’t feel like I belong to the traditions - or that the traditions belong to me. I am a strong believer of experience as a teacher. What could be a better way of gaining experience other than travelling and understanding different cultures? I understand culture and tradition have their parts to play in developing as a semantic species. Our need to travel and explore works against the conservation of culture and tradition. Some of these neglected folkloric rituals might disappear in time but I don’t think of it as a loss of culture – but rather as its evolution. Culture survives when a society; or a single person, is confident in their roots. And no amount of travel or “sucking” from other cultures will be able to deny that I was born and brought up in Romania.

EscapeArt Magazine is supporting artists in the 21st century digital era. As a founder and editor-in-chief, could you tell us more about this project? How does it influence the community of artists? By now you probably figured out that I’m a person that feels drawn to the feeling of escapism. I like to lose myself in cultures, emotions, people and especially in art in all its meaning. EscapeArt started as an experiment and attempt to study social media marketing from the perspective of the artist. How does Instagram work? Who is the target audience for an art magazine? How do you optimize SEO rankings for art articles? For this reason, I had to create a pseudo brand with which I could experiment. In the end I got sucked into the culture I created and began talking to people who would interact with me on various platforms. I like to see EscapeArt as a place which reinforces the belief that art in all its forms can be used as a mechanism to cope with the putrefaction of the world around us. Of course, it can also be used to restore the organic energy that the world holds. How do you manage EscapeArt? As an art critique, a community builder, or something completely different? I like to collaborate with people and help other people connect with others. If someone is interested in fashion design, I try to connect them with people I know and make things happen. I then give them the platforms I created to share whatever comes out of the collaboration. …I guess that would be a community builder? I must be honest with you: I’m building this bridge as I cross it. Any plans you'd like to share with us? I have been secretly recording a podcast with different artists, community leaders and friends. I’m looking forward to share the incredible things that people have said to me but I’m still perfecting the format. More on this later. Another thing which should happen soon is for me to step away from the editor role of the digital magazine. I’d like each issue to be managed by someone different on a topic they are passionate about. They would be the editor for that issue and I’ll just help them get it across the line.

Last two years we've been filled with news of pandemics, Covid, death, sickness... Would you say there was also a change in artist's temperament, or even general dynamics in the art world? In the beginning of the pandemic, I believe there was a survey which categorized artists as “not essential”. I personally am of the opinion that art can still be essential in moments of survival, and we wouldn’t be where we are now as a species without it. There’s no better way to express emotion than through music, painting, poetry and so many others. Not only that, but art can be cathartic for the people experiencing it; not just in its creation. We will probably need a lot of art in order to get through Covid when this is finally over. In terms of a more technical answer, there are a lot of artists that feel undervalued right now and have definitely seen a shift towards the digital way of things in the art world in order to remain relevant: NFTs, virtual galleries, and ecommerce stores are just a few of the things that come to mind. As a final note, share with us the ways that the art community can be in touch with you. I love to talk to people, you can always reach me directly at david@escapeartmagazine The other route would be to just go to the website and pick a way to contact us from there (Instagram, contact forms, etc.) Maybe even give us a piece of advice on how to keep the creative juices working and flowing! The second issue of the magazine is actually about creativity and inspiration! You can find it here. The practical and scientific approach would be for us to find a problem we are trying to solve. Creativity is stimulated by goals and coming up with ways to reach our goals; especially when those goals serve our ability to survive. However, my personal advice would be to travel and see the world’s offering as your own dedicated box of inspiration.

Author: Hana Tiro

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