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Božo Vrećo — Looking Towards the City in Flames

Author: Hana Mujkić

Božo Vrećo, a well-known Bosnian and Herzegovian sevdah singer, published music video for his new single „Čovjek od soli“ (The Man of Salt). Music video is directed by Dino Kadragić, recorded on Trebević, Kravica Waterfalls, and Ramsko Lake. Vrećo himself designed his outfit, with the support of Softić jewelry, and makeup by Alma Čauš.

Vrećo stated that he traveled islands in Dalmatia and found inspiration on the island of Vis. Sentence "From me only scaurs and this sea which overflows," speaks of the constant permanence of love no matter what happens. He adds that we are scaurs and sea, indestructible when both sadness and love strip us naked, faced with a reflection of ourselves in a sea of ​​tears we cried.

I wrote the song “Čovjek od soli”, moved by the legend of Loto's wife who looked back, looked towards the city in flames and forbidden love. How many times have we looked back and looked at something we left behind and seemingly got over, at something which marked us, which we loved…

„Čovjek od soli“ is a song about forbidden love, its harshness and rawness. Vrećo tells a story about giving up while you still love the person and how that affects both sides. Vrećo's lyrics, while very metaphoric, make great sense to every listener and touch the hearts of many in thrilling way. The story moves from love to hatred, from leaving to coming back, from death to life. Managing to provoke his listeners to really think about the reasons for giving up love. And when we give up — where does the love go?

Have we, after such a sorrowful love, become a stone and suppressed our feelings and emotions, did we want the same thing to happen to him or her, to be petrified. Have we ever been like Loto’s wife’s looking back at the city where she might be leaving the one her heart belongs to. Are we willing to come to terms with the fact that someone didn't know how to love us and keep us, the way we can or deserve to be loved and kept. Are we willing to sacrifice for love. Is life dear to us even without that someone and their affection and presence. Are we enough to ourselves, do we know how to love and appreciate what we are. It is seemingly easiest to become a stone, or the hardest, question yourselves. But one thing I know for sure, admitting and living with a wounded heart is a feat. I sing to you about it, about all hearts that love even when they are not loved.

You can follow Božo Vrećo on his Instagram and Facebook accounts, where he stays close to his audience.


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