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Best from the 11th Green Fest

The best short film of the 11th Green Fest, whose program is available for free online until November 4th, was named "Short Film on Ice" by British director Adam Lajti about changes in the Arctic, while the award for best film about nature was given to Italian director Stefano Petroni for "The core of the tree."

"God has gone further" by German director Peter Boving was declared the best animated film, and the award for the best film up to 1 minute was won by "Ninti" by Spanish director Juan Francisco Calera.

In the regional selection of films from Southeast Europe, the winner "Ashes" by Macedonian director Georg Lazov, who talks about the near future in which the virus spreads due to pollution from factories, and children and people die from coughing, and are born deformed. A young married couple struggles with the knowledge that their eight-year-old daughter will die in a few days...

"Eco Love" by Russian director Dmitry Georgiev was named the best youth film.

The jury awarded a special recognition for the film "Good Job" by Polish director Piotr Biedron.

The competition program of the 11th Green Fest, which is held online, includes 49 films from 24 countries, and the decision on the winners was made by a jury consisting of Ana Inijo from Spain, Francesco Rasero from Italy and Daniel Pavlic from Croatia.

The first seven days of Green Fest were spent in a large number of film screenings on the online festival platform, and according to the organizers, there was great interest in panel discussions on clothing and textile waste, as well as air pollution, which were broadcast live at the festival Facebook page.

A third panel discussion is scheduled for November 2nd at 6 pm, which will bring together topics on ways and needs to protect natural resources, instruments that can help Serbia improve the quality of nature and the Natura 2000 natural resources network as one of the important tools in reducing the risk of climate change. Among the participants are announced IUCN ECARO director Boris Erg, EU law expert Zoran Sretic, associate at the Faculty of Biology Predrag Lazarevic and assistant professor at the Faculty of Biology Imre Krizmanic, and Duska Dimovic from the World Nature Organization as a moderator of the conversation.

The complete program can be watched for free on the festival's platform until November 4th, without registration, at any time.

Green Fest is supported by the Secretariat for Environmental Protection of Belgrade, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, the French Institute and Embassy of France, the Heinrich Bell Foundation and the Climate Action Network - Europe, as well as numerous partners and friends.



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