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ASYLUM - Sensory Labyrinth Theatre : Applied Immersive Theatre for Community Building

Sensory Labyrinth Theatre (SLT) has a big impact on the communities.

‘The world would be a richer place if we knew that when we meet a person we are about to enter a labyrinth, where we cannot ask for maps or itineraries from travel agencies or behavioral psychologists or politicians.

If you do not get lost, you do not find yourself.’

Enrique Vargas (cited in Pagliaro, 2016, 55, transl. by researcher).

SLT is an immersive form of applied theatre created by Iwan Brioc and inspired by Enrique Vargas and his work with Teatro de los Sentidos (Theatre of the Senses). One of the main themes of SLT is the metaphor of the labyrinth.

The labyrinth is the place of getting lost and finding oneself, of discovering where we are and who we are.

In SLT ‘the audience is invited to experience the piece from within through a sensorial journey devised by the performers. Individual spectators travel through the play and along the way encounter moments with the performers/inhabitants of the labyrinth, leading to an awakening of the senses and a heightened sense of presence and connection.

We develop this method in Romania, in Timișoara and we are currently working on our project called OPEN MINDS where we will perform a host of 8 SLT shows with the help of 50 volunteers. Furthermore, we also have a premiere research based on the positive psychological effects of SLT.

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