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Art-Inspired Sourdough Creations by Nikos Chandolias

“My name is Nikos Chandolias and I come from Katerini, a town in the North of Greece. All my childhood memories have revolved around my father’s business, a very successful artisanal bakery, hence the title @frommydadsbakery.

I studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and during my studies, I channeled my creativity in the field of Contemporary Dance. After graduating, and in an attempt to combine engineering with dance, I decided to move to Canada in order to pursue an MA in Interactive Media and Performance Arts, where I stayed for 5 years. Nowadays, I am based in London where I work as the Head of Technology in an Art Collective called ‘Random International’.

Personally, learning how to bake was an unconscious procedure at first which later on became an inevitable conscious choice, a necessity I might say. One of my most cherished childhood memories is my father’s image leaning in between stacks of flour while kneading the bread. His devotion and gentleness are what inspire me the most. My Instagram account @frommydadsbakery is a way of honoring my father’s legacy and a personal take on our family tradition, focusing on sourdough and all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients. For me, sourdough bread is like a canvas. I enjoy making it as colorful and creative as possible. After all, in my case baking is neither a hobby nor a profession, it’s a passion.

In an attempt to combine traditional and new techniques, I am constantly experimenting with contemporary ingredients and flavors. My recipes and sourdough creations are inspired by elements of the art world, trips I have made or places I have lived, by family recipes and memories. Using a wide range of unconventional baking ingredients like beetroot juice, kale powder, or blue spirulina, I am aiming to push the creative boundaries of sourdough baking via these complex alchemical experimentations and unique flavor profiles.”


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