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Art Exchange — Visual Conveying of a Thought

Author: Hana Tiro

Art Exchange is an art collective from Bucharest Romania, exploring intersections between acting and experimental art. It is a visual project that aims to be a bridge between artists from various fields, a channel through which information is exchanged between art lovers. Each artist has the opportunity to convey, through a clip, a concept or the way he looks at the entire creative process from the first idea to the finished product.

Art Exchange team

Adrian Bodhi graduated Bucharest School of Photography 11 years ago and he has been working as a professional photographer for about 9 years. The love for cinematography determined him to make the transition from photography to film. Adrian has so far produced 2 short films: "The actress and the horse" and "Quarantined - a surrealist story". He is specialised in Event, Beauty and Product photography.

Alina Tofan is a multidisciplinary artist, actress, art performer and member of the Time Based Arts group within Arts University Bucharest. Her area of practice explores unique ways of communicating with all the senses. Her goal is to express as many feelings as possible through the body. As an artist she wishes to be able to express as much as possible through her body, to communicate with al the senses and to playback images, to dilate or compress the time.

The Actress and The Horse

The short film addresses the issue of relationships between actors and roles, difficulties and desires for the care of the activity during life. The horse becomes a symbol of freedom and transformation.

Quarantined - a surrealist story

This is a love letter addressed to the surrealist art movement. Quarantined is conceived as a short film that tells the story of a couple in quarantine, in a pandemic, during the lockdown and explores the psychological transformation produced by isolation. The film unfolds on several levels, every moment of the day and every gesture that the protagonists make is presented in frames inspired by the works of some outstanding artists of the surrealist movement: Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Vladimir Kush, Sabin Balasa.

The first part focuses on the moment of Genesis, on the creation of the world and the awakened man, and the apartment becomes the Garden of Heaven, the only space that can offer security to the two, keeping them away from the unleashed world outside. As the action unfolds, isolation becomes a burden and brings out the darkest fears.

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