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Art Dialogue Without Limits

Translation: Ana Klikovac

Regional B#ART network, which supports non-governmental organizations that are offering free artistic/musical education to children and youth, strengthening social inclusion processes and contributing to regional reconciliation, has been active even during the Coronavirus pandemic, when the west Balkan's borders were closed.

According to the statement, B#ART network currently consists of eight organizations from countries belonging to three regions: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia.

Superar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, AkustikUm, Sarajevo Drum Orchestra, Ri Rock, Štek House, Voice, Nebograd and Femix have been putting in concerted effort into promoting the importance of social inclusion of vulnerable communities, supporting and promoting regional reconciliation through making music together since 2019, with the support of Marko Louis, a music producer.

- B#ART proves through its activities that differences bring us together and that music, art and also dialogue are limitless. B#ART network's mission is creating an ecosystem that strengthens those organizations which are changing social flows through art, promoting awareness about the importance of inclusion and regional reconciliation. Ecosystem and environment that B#ART is creating is going to act through joint creativity, knowledge and experience exchange, until it creates greater opportunities for partnership type organizations in terms of making financing and sustainability accessible- it was stated.

Marko Louis says that he is quite pleased for taking a part in B#ART project and exchanging his experiences with musicians and organizations which have a positive influence on societal development through music.

- Each gathering of ours has been very productive and inspirational. Each organization from this project is different and unique. A common sound which can clearly be heard on the cover of the legendary song "Ironman" has appeared through creative socializing, dedication, understanding and teamwork. Enthusiasm, free thinking and willingness to socialize have proved that limits, however real they are, do not exist. I am looking forward to the next cover and the next gathering with B#ART network's organizations, Louis said.

Superar in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the support of the international foundation Porticus has initiated a survey in 2018 which has showed that the organizations in the west Balkans whose goal is social inclusion through music and art have the need for strategic regional connectivity. Representatives of organizations have pointed out that regional connectivity is important for them because it provides a wider platform for communicating their ideas, thus strengthening reconciliation. B#ART project has emerged as the result of this research.

- Diversity is our strength! B#ART proves that to be different and unique is not an obstacle, but an advantage. Our goal is to connect and strengthen young people through art. Despite the newly formed situation, we are continuing to work on the common goal of strengthening and spreading the network-said B#ART project initiators Klaudija Bilić-Selmanović, Irena Klissenbauer i Stela Vasić.

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