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Alina Tofan & Răzvan Omotă - Nature Mirrors Instinct, Love & Illusion

Nature is the place where you can face your own reflection and see your truth about yourself. Nature is a mirror. As a mirror, nature reflects what is, whether truth, instincts, love or illusion. You have to give first to the spirit of nature what you want to receive.

Nature means unity. In the mirror there is no separation. Nowadays, we confront with the problem of pollution and consumption. This is a subjective exploration between unity and duality in the world of affective memory and waste.

Through this corporeal visual experiment, we want to draw attention upon the effects of consumerism, on devorating affects and nature.

Concept & direction: Alina Tofan Performers: Alina Tofan & Răzvan Omotă Filmed & edited by Ioana Buraga Sound Design: Teo Rădulescu Photography by Bogdan Ionescu Produced by Plastic Art Performance Collective


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