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(A)political landscape — Group Exhibition; Art as Resistance

ACG artist-run initiative and Culture Association Kontrast are excited to announce (a)political landscape, group exhibition of artists from France and BiH.

Nine artists included in the show are Camille Bleu-Valentin, Daphné Boussion, Capucine Lageat and Antonie Perroteau, Marjorie Le Berre, Chiara Pagano, Mak Hubjer, Mladen Miljanović and Bojan Stojčić.

Opening celebration will be on Saturday July 17th from 7PM to 9PM in ACG project space on the address Ahmed pase Budimlije, bb, Gračanica.

Author of the exhibition (a)political landscape is visual artist Camille Bleu-Valentin. She has been invited to create a program for International art residency in the town Gračanica and this group exhibition is part of the program. This is how she explains her interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its cultural scene.

“I discovered Bosnia five years ago, since then I felt an increasing interest in the country, the culture, it's history, the people I met, the way of life and the landscapes. I'm coming from places far from big cities and cultural offerings. I work in the periphery and small places. In my opinion this is a way of resistance and I feel it is normal to want to do something in places we love.”

This is her second visit to Gračanica where she had her solo show “TRATORAK” at the Art Centar in Gracanica (ACG) in 2019. This year she is interested in exploring the natural landscape but also bh. landmarks.

She said, “This year I would like to explore the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina and also all forms of public art like statues, monuments, memorial, the relationship between them and the people.”

The exhibition is part of the International artist in residency program at ACG in Gračanica, co-organized by Culture Association Kontrast, sponsored and supported by the town Saint-Nazaire and painter Mirela Kulović who started this art residency idea.

The International artist in residency program at ACG in Gračanica includes an artist visit and stay in the town, group exhibition, two cyanotype workshops for women and local field trip to fortresses and castles of medieval Bosnia.

Two workshops “Close environment” will include silkscreen printing and cyanotype, a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Women will have opportunities to explore relationships to their close environment, using photos to create new images with these printing methods. These techniques will be linked to the exhibition (a)political landscape. Visual artist Camille Bleu-Valentin will lead the workshops.

Culture association Kontrast invites artists from other countries who would be interested in doing residency in small towns in BiH. Also, invite bh. artists who would like to open their art studios for collaboration and cultural institutions, organizations and foundations who would like to be partners on these projects. For all suggestions and inquiries please get in touch by email:

Exhibition (a)political landscape is open for viewing from July 13th and it will be on view through the month of July.


ACG is an international artist-run initiative for trans-disciplinary practice started abroad in 2017.

Follow ACG on social media: @artgracanica

Culture Association Kontrast was founded in 2019 in Tešanj with the mission to increase visibility of young BH artists and cultural workers and develop the art scene of small towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Follow Culture Association Kontrast on Instagram.


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