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A Morning Song of a Cloudspotter feat. Manca Kozlovič — Out Now!

''A Morning Song of a Cloudspotter'' is the second single from Gašper Selko's upcoming album, A Guide for Lost Travellers, which will be out on 28th October.

"This song is like a reflection of a feeling, emotions which were fighting inside me in the middle of last year. When the idea took place I invited the amazing Manca Kozlovič. I really enjoyed the whole process of writing.", states Gašper Selko.

Peter Dimnik is again a master of faders, putting everything in balance. Dejvid Knežević's ability to express the music in a visual form is simply stunning.

Sometimes I see a man sitting alone and staring at the sky. "What do you see up there?" I asked him one day. "Sit with me young boy," he answered. In fear I ran away. Many years have gone by and this young boy forgot about an old man. After many winters I saw him again sitting in a corn field watching the sky. "Who are you?" I asked. He smiled. "I was waiting for you," he replied. "Join me and look up there. What you will see may surprise you." We watched and I saw mountains, I saw tears, rivers, people walking in the streets. I saw light and I saw darkness. "Is it too late to understand?" I asked him. He pointed his finger up and I saw it. A blue sky. "Magic is not the end goal, nor the starting point. The magic is in the attempt," he said and we smiled.


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