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7 Visual Artists from Croatia — Piece of the Underground Creative Scene

Author: Hana Mujkić

Croatian visual arts scene is filled with artists ready to express the journey of human life on planet Earth. Works are always filled with both empathy and strong criticism. Although there are many more, in this article we present seven visual artists, as a part of the creative Croatian scene.

Melinda Šefičić

Melinda Šefičić is a painter, multimedia artist, and muralist. Šefičić works and lives in Zagreb, and in 2018 she got a PhD in painting at The Acadamy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Melinda devotes her work to the youngest, and with her art helps the ones in need. Her most recent projects are murals at University Hospital Center Zagreb (pediatric division), and the prison hospital in Zagreb. Melinda's art is also featured in children's school books. Her work can be described as expressive and thought-provoking.

Follow Melinda's work on her blog.

Murals at KBC Zagreb

Murals at the prison hospital in Zagreb

Ivana Franke

Ivana Franke is a visual artist from Croatia, based in Berlin. Franke is best known for her light installations and exhibits. Franke says she uses the light to stimulate various psychophysical experiences. She loves to experiment and try new ways of expressing her thougths and findings. One of her more famous projects is ‘Seeing With Eyes Closed’, created eight years ago in collaboration with Iranian neuroscientist Ida Momennejad. It was first presented in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, and later in many other countries, including Zagreb's Lauba.

Follow Ivana's work on her website.

Seeing With Eyes Closed


Jasmina Krajačić

Jasmina Krajačić is a visual artist based in Zagreb. She graduated Graphic Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Krajačić uses her art to express her political additudes, and opinions on human rights. One of her most famous exhibitions is „Love Wins“ where Krajačić vividly stands in opposition to discrimination on the grounds of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Her art uses colors and shapes to address overarching problems humanity faces.

Follow Jasmina's work on her Facebook page.

Ivana Jamnicki aka Jammy makovers

Ivana Jamnicki is born and educated in Zagreb, and currently lives in Prague. Ivana uses makeup to express her creativity and perception of individuals and personalities. From basic makeup techniques to the most complicated art of SFX, Ivana has it all handled. Ivana uses a face like a canvas and transforms a regular person into anything her mind wishes. Her recent projects includes working as makeup artist in theatre shows, and campaigns oriented to women's rights such as „International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women“.

Follow Ivana's work on her website and Instagram account.

Marina Mesar aka OKO

Marina Mesar is a Croatian artist who works both in Zagreb and London. She has a Master's Degree in Animation and New Media Department, The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and a Bachelor's Degree in Art History and Education (Painting), The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. One of her most famous works is a mural “Equilibrium” a part of the permanent art collection at the seat of Central European bank in Frankfurt. She also realizes projects in public space, and her work is embedded within the urban street culture. Her most recent work is being a part of the project “Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation”, focused on freedom of speech. It is based on the theme of resistance in terms of both universal values and contemporary definitions.

European Culture of Resistance and Liberation

Follow Marina's work on her website and Instagram account.

Ivan Oštarčević

Ivan Oštarčević is a Zagreb based printmaker, painter, and mural artist. In 2015 he graduated from the Acadamy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. Oštarčević paints intense and mystical paintings which easily grab the attention of the viewers. His most recent work is mural in the park of Opatovina in Zagreb. The work is titled "Waiting it out", and it represents a dedication to all of us enduring the pressures of 2020.

Follow Ivan on his Facebook page and Instagram account.

Noa Geras

Noa Geras is a Croatian artist from Zagreb. Noa has a Master's degree in Computational Arts at the Goldsmiths, University of London. She graduated Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb, and studied Sculpture and Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. At the moment she lives and works in London. One of her latest works is named „Go West“. “Go West” is an exhibition that uses two tools to speak about certain worlds of each individual, dipped into the macrocosmos of nature. In her work, Noa Geras is concerned with social changes and social injustice, questions of ecology, speciesism, and migrations.

Follow Noa's work on her Instagram account.


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