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19th Seasplash Festival — No Restrictions


MainSplash stage powered by Seasplash Sound System Thursday, 15.7., 21-5h 21.00-23.00 MEXICAN STEPPER 23.00-01.00 ANJA G & DR. OBI 01.00-02.30 ONE DREAD 02.30-04.00 KALI FAT DUB Friday, 16.7., 21-5h 21.00-22.30 R.A.S. [Rasta Altitude Sound] 22:30-00:00 BRAIN HOLIDAYS 00:00-00:10 CROMAICANZ 00:10-01:40 TADIMAN 01:40-01:50 CROMAICANZ 01:50-03:30 REGGAE ROAST feat. Natty Campbell 03:30-05:00 SHECO Saturday, 17.7., 21-5h 21:00-22:30 HARIS PILTON 22:30-23:30 PLESAČ SPOROG STEPA 23:45-01:15 INNER TERRESTRIALS 01:30-01:40 CROMAICANZ 01:40-03:10 ALEJUANDRO BUENDIJA I SINOVI 03:10-05:00 BANANA ZVUK Sunday, 18.07., 21-5h 21:00-22:30 ALGORIDDIM 22:30-00:00 MEFA 00:00-01:30 DUB SETTLERS HI-FI 01:30-03:00 HOMEGROWN SOUND 03:00-04:30 DUBAR SOUND

SOUNDSPLASH Soundsplash stage powered by BarabaDub Sound System Thursday, 15.07., 22-4h 22:00-23:30 FLICO 23:30-01:00 PROOVE 01:00-02:30 INKA 02:30-04:00 MAYA Friday, 16.07., 22-6h 22:00-00:00 LOONEY GRANDPAS 00:00-02:00 PLAZMATICK 02:00-04:00 BILLAIN 04:00-06:00 LUCYLYU Saturday, 17.07., 22-6h 22:00-00:00 GROOVE PLAYAZ 00:00-02:00 VEXI 02:00-04:00 GENETIK DUB 04:00-06:00 BARABADUB SOUND KOLEKTIV

No Restriction

The Seasplash Festival is aware, and very much feels the consequences of the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus. Therefore we welcome, and look forward to the opportunity to enjoy the festival without restrictions. This is of course possible with a Covid pass, proof that you recovered from Covid, or that you have a negative test. Those who do not have any of the above, can go to Seasplash without worries, because even before the festival entrance they will be able to do an antigen test lasting 15 minutes, at a price of 75 kn, and freely access the festival in case it is negative.

Volunteering OPEN CALL

Volunteering is scheduled for July 12-19. You can apply for volunteering in two festival phases - pre-festival (July 12-15) and festival phase (July 15-19). Volunteer engagement includes activities such as guiding visitors and informing about the program and accompanying contents of the festival, assistance in the festival kitchen, maintaining communication and order within the festival space, and assistance in infrastructure work. Volunteers will be divided into shifts depending on the assigned volunteer position, while the maximum number of working hours in one shift is eight hours. Seasplash Festival volunteers can become all adults, regardless of country of origin.

All interested can apply via email For all candidates whose applications are accepted, the Seasplash Festival will provide a festival ticket, a free place to camp (owning your equipment is required) and, depending on the volunteer engagement, vouchers for drinks and a hot meal.


For visitors from Croatia and ex-Yu countries, in addition to the early-bird festival tickets HRK 299, there are also weekend tickets on sale at a price HRK 180 and one-day tickets HRK 90. Cheap group festival tickets are also available, which are purchased according to the system, buy 4 - get 5!

Tickets can be purchased through the Entrio online system or at their partner points of sale.


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